Saturday, June 22, 2013

Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow

For those of you who found this blog post by searching for those words and were hoping for lyrics to the song "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" .....sorry. :)

For everyone else, these words have been echoing in my mind the last two days.  Yesterday was a difficult one physically, and I literally woke up praying for this. "God, please just give me strength to get through this day, and hope to face it again tomorrow..."  I am not usually one who can pray as soon as I wake up, unless you count waking up over a cup of asian instant coffee about 9am at the office.  When I first open my eyes, I have no desire to face the world or any perspective on who God is.  I usually take a few minutes to accept the fact that we're starting back at square one on another day and then work my way up to actually standing up and beginning the day.  This phrase though, is a fitting one because it perfectly encapsulates the frame of mind I have to get in when I am trying to find the words for what I need.  I don't need ready-made answers, cliches, super human abilities, or a good self-help book.  I need enough strength to make it through the day (read strength here as: grace) and Hope that tomorrow I will get up again and it will still be worth it because of Who God is.  

Sometimes it's hard to ask people to pray for physical stuff.  I don't like revealing areas of weakness or always being honest about how things are going, and sometimes I don't really even know what to ask for them to pray for.  Well, this is a good place to start.  If you want to know what I can guarantee would be a fitting prayer request everyday, this is it.  

Pray that God would give as much as strength as He sees fit, which will inevitably be enough to make it through and that He would keep our Hope clearly in focus so that whatever comes up, it is conquerable and overcomeable because He has conquered and because He has overcome it.

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